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Latest reviews for Ladybug Cake Creations 5/5.0 stars (24 reviews)

Carrie in West Palm Beach, FL *****
The cupcakes were so delicious and the belle cake was amazing. Thank you so much for going out of your way and making such a beautiful birthday for my Princess!
Lucy in Boynton Beach, FL *****
Excellent in product and service! Always reliable and works with you on any "theme" or party/venue idea. This is my "go to" for every get together and party. Always order extra, as everyone wants to take some home!
Shannan in Jupiter, FL *****
The Pink Lemonade Cupcakes were divine!!! If you come up with a Peanut Butter icing & chocolate cupcake I think you'll make even more people crave your cupcakes :-)
Tracy in Riviera Beach, FL *****
I was so impressed with the cupcakes, the owner, the whole experience was easy!!!
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